2018 Wedding and Event Tips & Trends

As wedding and event planners, we are always looking for “what’s next”, and so are our clients. We love keeping up on tips and trends in special events, weddings, fashion, color, home décor, photography, food, flowers, travel, gifts and more.

Although we don’t recommend our clients get too wrapped up in passing trends, there are always good takeaways and ideas that you can use to enhance your next event or wedding to give a more modern feel. Here are a few of our favorites for 2018…

1. Bigger Isn’t Better (At least In this case!)

Okay, we admit it, this is our favorite trend at The Event Boutique; we think it is the most important trend for 2018 and beyond. Not so long ago, big weddings were all the rage. Over the past few years, The Event Boutique clients have been moving to more intimate to medium size weddings, 75-150 guests with a concentration on an enhanced guest experience (see trend #4). We also see this trend championed by recent brides on wedding boards like Weddingbee.com and Wedding Wire.

This trend depends a great deal on the size of the families and total budget. We recommend weighing your options. A smaller guest lists relieves stress on your budget in every single area, and gives the hosts a chance to focus what is important. This trend is about all about authenticity and attention to detail, not necessarily volume.  We often help our clients weigh the impact of number of guests and overall vision to find the balance just right for their event.

Having a more manageable amount of guests also means the bride and groom (and family) can spend time with each guest. Many times, larger weddings consume the bride and groom’s time and energy keeping the hosts from enjoying their own event.

Boutique Tip:

This trend extends to the wedding party as well. We see our most recent clients choosing to be more selective, not only who they invite to their wedding, but also how many people they ask to be part of the ceremony. There are many ways to have special people involved beyond participating in a wedding party. Invite special people to a tasting, to meet the florist, a dress fittings or to help with your vows. Be creative and they will feel important too!

2. 2018 Pantone Color of The Year:

Color is an important part of the overall feel of any event. Many times, color is the place people start when coordinating an event or wedding theme. There are millions of color choices and each evoke a different feeling; guests react to color as soon as they receive your invitation or enter your space.

We predict the 2018 Pantone color of the year, 18-3838 Ultra Violet, will be a trend for high-end weddings in 2018. Pantone is best known for its Pantone Matching System (PMS), used in a variety of industries, including design and fashion. Their color predictions often have influence over designers and manufacturers influencing product that makes it to market.

According to Pantone: “A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future”. What perfect inspiration for a wedding! Although many are predicting this as a color trend for 2018, it’s not for everyone.

Boutique Tip:

Village Green Florist

Like the color but looking for a limited commitment? Use as a hint of color like eye shadow or nail polish. There are many beautiful flowers in the lavender family: lilacs, hydrangea and even stock (a very affordable and beautiful flower).



 Boutique Tip:

Metallic colors continue to be an event trend in 2018. Rose gold is especially popular and a very feminine touch for bridal or baby showers and elegant birthday parties. If done right, mixed metallics are chic, romantic and modern at any event.

3. No Cake For You!


Traditional cake cutting at a wedding is becoming a thing of the past. In place of a traditional tiered cake, we have seen everything from cupcakes and pops to cake-in-a-jar over the years. Dessert tables have been popular, and the displays can be beautiful. Need new inspiration?

One of our favorite weddings this summer had mini ice-cream sandwiches wrapped with personalized packaging simply with initials and the wedding date.



The bride’s mother had them handmade locally here in Vermont, and it was actually less expensive than a conventional cake. The bride was crazy about ice cream and wanted to incorporate the treat into her wedding without the suggested “ice cream bar” taking up time and space from the dance floor. Our staff delivered the dessert directly to guests while they danced, and the bride and groom, who never left the dance floor…they didn’t miss a beat!

Dessert doesn’t have to be sweet. Another favorite alternative to traditional cake for the couple that loves cheese is a beautiful display of tiers of Vermont cheese wheels. Add beautiful grapes and other items to enhance the display. This is a great interactive area for guests to munch and chat throughout the night.

Boutique Tip:

For extra attention to detail, have the bar suggest a wine or champagne to pair with the dessert option to enhance your guests’ experience.

Boutique Tip:

Having a summer wedding? Combine the bar and dessert with a fun Prosecco Popsicle Bar!

4. Entertain Me

This trend is all fun and not just limited to weddings. Engaged couples and corporate clients are looking for interactive guest experiences (beyond dancing). One example is the evolution of the photo booth and photo backdrops. 

Boutique Tip:

Edit the expected props, find the unexpected and keep it upscale.

At The Event Boutique, we are receiving inquires and requests for unexpected entertainers like live event painters and artistic performers. These artists engage your guests in a unexpected ways. A live event painter can create a beautiful piece that captures the memorable moments of your wedding or event while adding a touch of sophistication, but do keep in mind of the added expense.

The creative and interactive food stations continue to be a wedding trend in 2018. From make-your-own street tacos to dessert popcorn bars, caterers are finding new and interesting toppings and displays that entertain and engage guests. They make for great picture opportunities, too! You don’t have to limit yourself to a specialty drink, have a “signature eats”, or rename a local food truck to fit your wedding! Sky is the limit with food today. If you aren’t “foodies” yourselves, we guarantee many of your guests are. Again, this trend is all about the guest experience.

5. Newlywed Fund

The Knot is hosting something (somewhat) new and very interesting, the Newlywed Fund. This alternative registry is a vehicle to give guests the option to gift non-traditional items, and another great way to customize your wedding. 

This is an “etiquette-friendly” way to get gifts you truly need -- think anything from honeymoon to home improvements or a down payment fund. Some guests really like having the option of investing in your future. When setting up a Newlywed Fund, there are choices of categories so your friends and family can give a monetary donation  to designated items. The cash gift is transferred directly into a designated bank account and you can thank the generosity immediately. 

The Knot

Boutique Tip: 

Thanks to The Knot, engaged couples can combine their Newlywed Fund and a traditional registry to be managed all in one trusted place.
This makes it easier for the engaged couple to be organized and gift-givers have nice choice.


All trends today lead back to one overall theme, make it your own. Truly, anything goes and this makes the possibilities endless.
Remember that there is always a balance, and we find the weddings that combine traditional and non-traditional elements are the best with a dash of the unexpected. 

We invite you to stay tuned over the next few weeks as we breakdown these trends, and many others, with more tips and advice straight from some of our most talented local vendors in New England.

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