Why Hire A Wedding Planner?

We understand that a wedding planner may seem like a luxury and perhaps an easy item to omit as a way to make room in a tight budget. We completely understand this way of thinking, but we want to give you some other things to think about…


A wedding planner does the obvious: Creates a timeline and gives you good ideas on the flowers, venue, etc. But there is more… we can save you dollars and headaches in may ways. For example, we negotiate contracts in business and event venues and services almost daily. We have established relationships with vendors and know how to leverage our relationships to get you the best deal. We also know the contract traps to look for and know how to ensure that your interests are protected.

As well, troubleshooting is our specialty. Every time we avoid event blunders, not only does it create a smooth experience, but it also avoids last minute revisions that always cost more money. We have the advantage of experience. Moving to plan B when necessary is a call we are ready to make. Also, consider that, at times, agreeing on things can be a challenge. Having someone who can mediate between family members can help ease the decision-making process. In addition, we keep up on industry trends, can identify successful ideas, we work closely with our vendors and, most importantly, we help everyone enjoy the journey of planning the big day and the whirlwind of wedding festivities.